The 5 Most Dangerous Roads Near Queensland 

As a commercial driver, you may feel confident navigating familiar streets in your area. You may have to frequently pick up and deliver shipments from local warehouses and manoeuvre through tight streets as part of your regular routine.

But on occasion, you may have to drive across the country to reach your destination. And these lengthier stretches of unfamiliar road may pose a challenge for even the most capable driver.

The following roads, in particular, have some of the highest crash rates in Australia, so be sure to exercise a little caution as you sit behind the steering wheel.

1. Brisbane Valley Highway

The road between Ipswich and Esk has given residents more than their fair share of grief. In fact, over 400 residents signed a petition that urged the government to upgrade the road.

The dreadful conditions eventually led Jim Madden to invest $1.65 million in road rehabilitation, but removing the existing road's surface and replacing it with smoother asphalt will take time.

As a result, you may have to face patchy conditions on top of road construction, closures and last-minute lane changes as you travel.

2. Bruce Highway

The Australian Automobile Association ranked Bruce Highway between Cooroy and Gympie as one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Australia, not just Queensland. The road saw the highest level of trauma and accounted for almost 61 per cent of deaths from 2005 to 2009.

Due to poor weather in the area, flooding frequently cuts off supplies from local communities. And multiple parts of the road require complete shutdown for more than 48 hours. The uneven tracks often run alongside sheer drops more than 1,000 metres high. And even worse, police scarcely monitor the road, so drivers have an increased risk of attack by armed bandits.

3. Warrego Highway

Warrego fatalities and casualties have risen in recent years, with over 285 reported crashes and 40 per cent of those crashes resulting in serious injury.

The highway sees a lot of traffic from residential vehicles as well as a large number of heavier commercial vehicles. Many parts of the highway include busy intersections with high speed limits. And police reports indicate the area has a high number of distracted, fatigued drivers who pay little attention to the road's conditions. As a result, even individuals who drive safely suffer fatalities and injury due to others' actions.

4. D'Aguilar Highway

D'Aguilar Highway links Bruce Highway to Kingaroy, and like Bruce Highway, the road ranks high on the list of Queensland's most dangerous roads.

The highway had some of the worst black spots, resulting in hundreds of crashes and multiple fatalities. Although distraction, fatigue and drunk driving contributed to a portion of the accidents, residents insisted that the road needed more lanes to improve safety.

The government recently issued $16 million to go toward safety upgrades for the highway, but construction didn't begin until October of 2015. Like Brisbane Highway, you'll have to face road construction in addition to poor road conditions as you travel.

5. Gillies Highway

Gillies Highway stretches across Gordonvale, Lamb Range and Atherton Tableland. Though it remains a gorgeous route for motorcyclists, it has some of the most dangerous bends, curves and dips that threaten commercial drivers.

Furthermore, this scenic highway often sees poor weather conditions that lead to fallen vegetation. Slippery roads combined with downed trees make it one of the most difficult roads to drive on safely.

Due to the severe number of crashes in the area, officials lowered the speed from 80 km to 60 km, and some of the tighter bends have a restriction of 40 km. But these restrictions might not be enough to prevent accidents.

Do You Have to Drive These Roads?

Although these highways present their own risks, you can take steps to ensure your next trip goes smoothly. As with any long haul, make sure to adjust your speed around sharp bends and during inclement weather.

And remember to save the number of a commercial towing company to your phone. If you do end up driving off any of these roads, you want to have access to help as soon as possible.

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